Gold Standard Grades

GSG is a software solution to enable teachers to assess learning in real time on any activity. It is ad hoc and does not involve sitting at a computer taking screeners.

Meaningful Feedback

Gold Standard lets teachers give meaningful feedback—on any activity—without disrupting class.

Know Your Students

Instead of just giving a grade for an assignment, teachers score mastery at the TEKS breakout level... and benefit from the reporting.

Emphasize Learning, Not Testing

Gold Standard supports engagement culture by empowering teachers to prioritize high-quality instruction over testing.

Reports make sense and are helpful.

Growth Tracker shows teachers and administrators the percentage of standards mastered and can be filtered by campus, subject and grade.

Standards Mastery Aggregate shows teachers how their students are performing on each student expectation breakout. 

Use click-through to select groups of students with similar needs for targeted intervention.