GSG Insight

Learning Engineering Tools Competition

We're thrilled to announce that GSG Insight has advanced to Round Two in the Tools Competition! This recognition highlights our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field.

Track: Instructional Coaching for Early Childhood Education

'Well-designed and properly implemented classroom observation tools can support teachers in providing high-quality interactions and learning environments, enabling children to reach their full potential.'

Thomas, K., et al. (2023). Reimagining instructional coaching: Developing observation tools to support instructional coaching in pre-K classrooms. SRI International.

About GSG Insight

GSG Insight is a transformative data collection tool designed to strengthen early education teacher and instructional coach feedback loops. 

Our primary focus is documenting coaching interactions in diverse contexts, capturing concrete examples for targeted feedback, and enhancing the relevance and scalability of supports. The user-friendly data collection and actionable reporting will foster a continuous feedback process that enhanaces teaching and leaning.

We Are the Fast Insights Experts

GSG Insight streamlines data collection by simplifying the search for teaching and coaching standards. Coaches record observations associated with the standards, allowing them to capture concrete examples for targeted feedback.

Instructional Coaches Need a Tool to Facilitate Timely, Effective Feedback for Teachers

User-Friendly Interface. GSG Insight simplifies instructional coaching complexities with its intuitive design, allowing coaches to seamlessly navigate teaching and coaching standards.

Real-Time Insights. Coaches can capture valuable insights in real-time, even beyond the classroom, enabling quick, actionable feedback and automated insights.

Technology Functionality. Combining sophistication with simplicity, the search function enhances the precision of feedback, contributing to more effective coaching interactions.

Diverse Contexts. The tool's scalability extends to diverse contexts and populations, making it a versatile solution for widespread adoption in Pre-K to 2nd-grade classrooms.

Continuous Improvement Design. The tool empowers coaches to provide timely and targeted feedback, empowering teachers to reflect on their practices and make informed adjustments. The resulting iterative feedback loop fosters a systematic approach to professional development and growth.

Tailored to Early Childhood Education. The tool addresses the unique challenges of early childhood education, supporting the multifaceted developmental needs of young learners.

Data Scale. Compiles a robust database of effective teaching practices. GSG Insight can collect daily teacher coaching data at an unprecedented scale, positioning it for seamless integration with AI.

Benefit for Researchers. The platform's emphasis on documenting coaching interactions in diverse contexts generates a rich dataset for researchers hoping to explain how instructional coaching affects teaching and learning.

Round Two Focus: Building Collaborative Partnerships

As we progress into Round Two, our focus turns to developing meaningful partnerships with collaborators. We're actively seeking researchers who can leverage our data to advance their work and schools interested in joining us to pilot our program within the Instructional Coaching for Early Childhood Education track.

Rich Data Insights

Our project provides valuable data insights that researchers can use to enhance their studies.

Pilot Opportunities

Schools partnering with us gain early access to our program, contributing to its development and effectiveness.

We invite researchers and schools alike to explore the potential of collaborating with us. If you share our passion for advancing early childhood education, we'd love to connect and explore the possibilities together.

For inquiries and collaboration opportunities, please use the contact form or email Dr. Hearnsberger at

Thank you for considering collaboration with our project!